Li Xinyue


The flimsy genuine silk material is folded in the shape of a fan. With the help of a textile thread, I fix it on a cylinder so that it cannot slip.  I firmly pull the delicate material with the thread, then I carefully adjust the pleats. I dissolve a small amount of silk paint in cold water. I dip the material stretched on the cylinder into the dissolved paint and leave it there for one day to let the paint be absorbed into the fibres of the textile. I dry it and then I release the silk from the thread bundle. Finally, the unevenness of the dying and the directed folds can be seen on the textile.  



“I copied the motifs of the Beijing opera masks by using strokes of brushes and after that I designed rapport patterns from them. On the loom I twill weaved a striped fabric by using black and raw wool-flax blended yarn. The finished textile is decorated with screen printing. In order to make the pattern, I spread a thick layer of black paint so that the paint gets the texture of the woven material blurred. During the screen printing I press the paint on the textile with a rubber sheet. If I do not load the rubber sheet evenly, the paint gets on the material incompletely. It makes the pattern uneven.” 

Mentor: Viktória Zachar
Fotogpraphy: Adél Koleszár